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St Elisabeths Andrews Guild: Feeding the Hungry of Memphis

St. Elisabeth's Andrews Guild
St. Elisabeth's Interfaith Episcopal Church


Many people in the Memphis area go hungry every day. Help us provide them with enough to eat. 


St. Elisabeth's St. Andrew's Guild partners with soup kitchens and food banks such as Food Justice Ministry, St. Vincent DePaul's in downtown Memphis, and Jackson Ave Program to feed the hungry and needy in our community by preparing hearty nutritious meals.

St. Elisabeths Interfaith Episcopal Church has also partnered with the Wagean Boys Home, Korea and the Church of Christ and the Daegu Boys home, Korea.

Bishop Morris has also partnered with the worldwide Episcopal Free Communion, the Anglican Free Communion.

Here you will find news and information about the life and ministry of our Anglican / Episcopal family of Churches. These "Member" Churches or "Provinces" are autonomous and share doctrine, ways of worshipping and mission in common.

Find a focus of unity in the Archbishop Primus, Churches relating to each other directly, and also through regular meetings in the General Synod.

We pray that your connection with our website and any interest in our witness to the Risen Lord Jesus Christ will be a positive and uplifting element in your spiritual journey.

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Volunters Welcome

We are 100% Volunteers, we are currently all Veterans and family members. 100% of all funds/donations received goes to feed Veterans and those in need therefore we have no budget for a building or office. All the funds we receive go to feed those in need.  

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